Islam Fathallah

Islam leads our Corporate and Commercial Department since 2015. He has outstanding experience in administrative, corporate, and regulatory matters. He has established all types of companies and corporations. He drafts OGM and EGM plans, ratifies, obtains, notarizes, issues, and updates all corporate documents. He also drafts & legalizes mortgages and pledges, and has executed many processes related to liquidation, plus mergers and acquisitions.

Islam has a broad network and connections with IDA, GOEIC, GAFI, FRA, Customs, Taxation Authorities, Egyptian Federation for Commercial Chambers, Notary Public, Sinai Committee, and all other Governmental Authorities.

He has worked in many sectors with both multinational and local companies such as Oil and Gas, manufacturing, hospitality, tourism, insurance, banking, Telecoms.


  • 2002- Bachelor of Laws from Helwan University.


  • 2002- Egyptian Bar Association