Dr. Mohamed Al Rafie

Dr. Mohamed Al Rafie

Founder and Senior Partner

Mohamed Al Rafie is the founder and senior partner at Alliance Law Firm, heading the Dispute Resolution Department since 2013. His expertise lies in a wide range of areas, including civil, business, commercial, administrative, labor, and tax disputes, as well as white-collar, bankruptcy, and money laundering cases.

He has noticeable experience and expertise in Dispute Resolution including Arbitration, and Litigation. Al Rafie’s track record allowed him to represent several companies in various sectors. He represented the Egyptian cement producers in a WTO case which was related to a safeguard action imposed by the kingdom of Jordan on all Egyptian cement imports. He handled many arbitration cases in front of several international and regional arbitration institutions like ICSID, ICC, GAFTA, CAS, and CRCICA, where he also represented his clients as a council and arbitrator.

He previously joined the Egyptian Ministry of Justice in 1995, where he served as an Assistant Public Prosecutor, as well as a Chief Judge in the Commercial, Civil, and Criminal Circuits. During his work at the Ministry of Justice in 2007, he contributed to the establishment of Egypt’s Economic Court.


Recent Experience


  • Representing one of the largest companies in the construction industry in a dispute against one of the largest Egyptian banks. The dispute involved a compensation claim for the termination of three construction agreements, amounting to 2 billion EGP.
  • Represented a CFO at a multinational company for a white-collar crime involving embezzlement of $300 million.
  • Representing one of the multinational development companies in Egypt, defending against the claims of 70 different buyers who had filed cases against the company regarding breaches of the sale contract.
  • Representing one of the prominent companies in Egyptian steel industry, defending against financial and capital market charges amounting 6 billion EGP.


  • Represented a multinational operation and maintenance service provider company in the global cement industry in an ICC arbitration proceeding in Geneva, Switzerland against a public-sector company. A settlement agreement was successfully reached and endorsed by the Egyptian Cabinet, resolving a $ 43 million dispute.
  • Acted as co-counsel to an Egyptian investor in an investment arbitration proceeding against the Kuwait Government conducted under ICSID rules.
  • Represented an ex-listed company with a significant share in the Egyptian Cement Market as a Respondent in an arbitration proceeding held under CRCICA rules. Our client successfully obtained a favorable award in the dispute, which had a value of EGP 45 million.
  • Represented one of the largest Egyptian steel companies as a Claimant against one of the leading English national steel suppliers in the market before CRCICA, with a total claim amounted to USD 7 million. We successfully secured a favorable award to our client.
  • Sole arbitrator in ad hoc arbitration dispute between two companies working in the movie production field.
  • Co-arbitrator in an institutional arbitration under the auspices of the CRCICARules between two companies working in cement facilities management with a total claim of USD 3 million.

Professional Affiliations

  • Egyptian Bar Association
  • American Chamber of Commerce – Member
  • CRCICA, Registered as arbitrator.


  • Cairo University, Bachelor degree in Law
  • Cairo University, LLM, Civil and Criminal Law
  • Indiana University, LLM, International Trade Law
  • Cairo University, PHD, Capital Market and stock Exchange Companies